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State Forensic Science Bureau

Quality Assurance

The increasing reliance of Police and Courts on forensic evidence requires that forensic laboratories must be able to demonstrate that the work they carry out is scientifically acceptable, impartial and reliable. Furthermore, as stated by the ENFSI, the forensic laboratories in any ENFSI member country should be accredited or in compliance with international standards.
From June 20, 2008 the SFSB is accredited by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau and registration number of the SFSB is LATAK-T-362. It is approved that the SFSB complies with the accreditation criteria for test laboratories as laid down in ISO IEC 17025:2005.
At present the accreditation covers the quality system of the SFSB as well as testing in sixteen fields of expertise – identification of handwriting/signature; development and identification of fingerprints; visual and physical examination of textile fibres; visual, chemical and physical examination of identification markings; document examination; determination of ignitable liquids and residues in different objects; examination of glass, paints and coatings, polymer materials; detection of special chemical substances; examination of information technologies; examination of gunshot residues; examination of soil; determination of elemental composition; investigation of tachograph data; road traffic accidents investigation; examination of tungsten.
The SFSB’s preparation for accreditation was greatly facilitated by international assistance.
During 2005/2006 the SFSB has received support from the Netherlands Forensics Institute through the Netherlands EVD Matra-flex Project "Preparing the Accreditation of the National Forensic Laboratories in Slovenia and Latvia".
During 2008/2010 implementation of the Norwegian government’s funded project “Strengthening the Judiciary in Latvia by Improving Capacity of the State Forensic Science Bureau of Latvia in Order to Comply with Best Practice and International Quality Standards” made a remarkable contribution in the improvement of implemented quality system of the SFSB.
It is a high valuation of the SFSB’s work, effort and investment in the quality of forensic science services. The accreditation acknowledges the competence of the SFSB to provide scientifically and technically proven data and results; it increases trust of the clients and facilitates international recognition of the results of forensic examinations. The SFSB continuously strives to improve the quality management system, services and prepare new areas of the forensic examination for accreditation.
The SFSB's certificate of accreditation (pdf)

The SFSB's scope of accreditation (pdf)