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State Forensic Science Bureau


The SFSB is responsible for investigation of:

•    traffic accidents;
•    handwriting;
•    vehicle identification number;
•    fibres and textile articles;
•    glass;
•    paint;
•    polymer materials;
•    metal and alloys;
•    oil products;
•    soil;
•    objects of biological origin;
•    morphologic and chemical investigation of the gun shot residues with the help of the scanning electron microscope.

    Apart from the above-listed priority activities, the SFSB also carries out:

•    document investigation;
•    authorship investigation;
•    computer forensics;
•    fingerprint identification;
•    examination of surface marks, impressions and shapes (e.g., toolmarks, shoeprints, stub and special analyses);
•    in certain cases, forensic ballistic examination.