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State Forensic Science Bureau


The State Forensic Science Bureau (SFSB) is a government institution under the Ministry of Justice providing forensic investigation services to the law enforcement agencies as well as other legal and natural entities. All the forensic examinations in criminal cases are free of charge. In administrative and civil cases the expenses of the forensic examinations are covered by the party requesting them.

A forensic expert’s opinion as a means of proof is playing an increasingly important role in criminal proceedings, civil proceedings and administrative proceedings since the facts established in the course of forensic investigations are based on unbiased scientific research. Increasing role of forensic science prompts higher requirements to qualification of forensic experts and further advances in forensic research methods.
Since 20 June 2008 the SFSB is accredited by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau and the registration number of the SFSB is LATAK-T-362. It is approved that the SFSB complies with the accreditation criteria for test laboratories as laid down in ISO IEC 17025:2005.

According to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers No 825 of 29 December 2003, the SFSB is responsible for investigation of traffic accidents, handwriting, vehicle identification numbers, fibres and textile articles, glass, paint, polymer materials, metal and alloys, oil products, soil, objects of biological origin, morphologic and chemical investigation of the gun shot residues with the help of the scanning electron microscope.
Apart from the above-listed activities, the SFSB also carries out document investigation, authorship investigation, computer forensics, fingerprint identification, examination of surface marks, impressions and shapes (e.g., toolmarks, shoeprints, stub and special analyses) and in certain cases forensic ballistic examination.
The SFSB is a member of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) since 1998. Active participation in the ENFSI Working Groups enables harmonization of forensic investigation methods, participation in international proficiency tests and co-operation in investigation of complicated cases.

Professional experience and educational background of the SFSB’s forensic scientists have been positively approved by the customers. The SFSB’s staff is often called upon to participate in training courses of police staff and judges, to prepare methodical recommendations for gathering evidence on the crime scene and evaluation of the results of forensic examinations.