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State Forensic Bureau of Latvia organized a Risen project meeting and Field trials on 3D crime scene documentation from 10 – 13 October in Jurmala, Latvia.

Among participating institutions the coordinator – ENEA (Italy) and other consortium members – SFSB (Latvia), RaCIS (Italy), Hellenic Police (Greece), FhG-ICT (Germany), WAT (Poland), UniBG (Italy), CREO (Italy), FFI (Norway), DIN (Germany), Policia Judicaria (Portugal), vH&S (Germany), NCIS (Norway), FhG-IAF (Germany), NFI (The Netherlands), MaSa Tech (Slovakia), UAH (Spain), VTT (Finland), KEMEA (Greece), SPA (Sweden) and members of the Risen Stakeholder and Practitioners Board – NPCC-FCN (UK), SCPT (Switzerland), PSNI (UK) and NPCC-FCN (UK).

During the 3d trials several techniques for the documentation of a crime scene were deployed with the purpose to produce a set of data collected from a mock indoor scenario to be merged in a single 3D virtual environment and define the most appropriate procedures for an indoor scenario documentation.

The aim of the project “Realtime on-site forensic trace qualification” (RISEN) is the development of a set of realtime contactless sensors for the optimization of the trace, detection, visualisation, identification and interpretation on site, with a consequent reduction of the time and resources in the laboratory, and for a fast exchange of information among LEAs.

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